WordPress Security: The Definitive Guide for 2020

A major portion of the internet world is powered by CMS platforms such as WordPress.  A recent survey shows that around 35% of all websites using the WordPress platform, and that’s certainly impressive.  Maybe we all heard that WordPress sites that left unattended and can be harmed by the ethical hackers. So, at that time it’s very important to focus on WordPress security.

So, if you are using WordPress website then you have to take care of security for your staff and customers.  You can protect your site by constant maintenance, updates, and backups. Let’s have a look at security tips and best practices to secure your websites through 2020 and beyond.

Update your WordPress website:

WordPress website developer suggests that each WordPress website owner should confirm that they are updating their website timely. WordPress regularly updates its software to repair issues and fix bugs. So, if you are using the latest version of your WordPress sites then you don’t need to worry about it.

The number shows that the importance of updating the software or application. The survey shows that 40% of the WordPress hacks are because of the core software not being up-to-date. So, updating sites on a regular basis is the best way to secure the site.

Update out-of-date themes and plugins:

Updating WordPress is merely a locality of necessary website maintenance. WordPress sites use themes and plugins, and it’s common for them to be targeted by hackers. The foremost important point is that you simply should make sure that all of the themes and plugins you employ are updated regularly – and you ought to avoid using older software that’s not supported. Failing to remain up-to-date can put your site in danger.

Conversely, installing any plugins without doing the research can lead you to put in something with significant vulnerabilities that will be exploited.

Carry out penetration testing:

Penetration testing is one of the important factors that is used to analyze your website or systems to prevent harmful activities from attackers. There are two types of penetration testing option is available for WordPress website owners or users. A White box penetration testing is used to find vulnerabilities in the systems or organization. This allows the pentester to test as widely and deeply as possible. While black-box pentest is one where the attacker has no knowledge and is emulating a real-world attacker. It is usually done from outside the targeted systems.

The aim of carrying out the penetration testing is to uncover the vulnerabilities in the targeted system or website. And prioritize them by risk and manage the removal or migration of those vulnerabilities.

Control of Login Credentials:

WordPress website owners often have accounts for a variety of things: site administration, hosting, FTP access, and more. Don’t represent the trap of using a similar usernames and passwords across these accounts – if a cybercriminal compromises one account, they often plan to reuse similar credentials to urge access to other systems.

Trying to recollect all of those individual usernames and passwords will be a frightening task, so tools like LastPass are often useful. LastPass may be a password managing software that allows you to get and store secure passwords.

It’s also smart for admin users to own separate accounts for administration and for day-to-day site management like adding content or approving comments.

Upgrade your web hosting service

Your defenses could be robust, but the incorrect web hosting can make your site vulnerable. Cheaper hosting packages often host your site on a server with many others – and if these sites get compromised then your site is in danger too.

Choosing dedicated web hosting service is the best step to secure your website from being attacked. This option might be a costlier compare to the shared web hosting services but its worth.

Apart from all the above-mentioned tips, enable an internet application firewall. It plays a crucial role in overall web security. Move your site to HTTPs from HTTP as it also important for both SEO and web security as well. Https encrypts the info sent between your website and users. Hire WordPress developers who ensure that your website is secure before and after the launch. It’s a decent idea to own a retainer agreement for the maintenance and security of your WordPress website.

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