Stranger Things Netflix Web Series: Story Outline and Review

Stranger Things Netflix web series is based on the American fiction and horror plot. The following web series was created by Matt and Ross Duffer, also known as THE DUFFER BROTHERS.

“Entertainment to mind is like a pill from a thousand issues.”

The Duffer brothers created and developed this web television show as a mix of inquisitive drama containing supernatural elements depicting horror, science fiction, and childlike sensibilities. The plot was set as per the 1980s, the duffer brothers pervaded references to the pop culture of the 1980s.  It is known that directorial aspects were inspired by the works of Steven Speilberg, john carpenter, and Stephen king. Even the ideas were grabbed from anime and video games. The revelation of the show was also collected from surreal experiments. 

Stranger Things has attracted a number of fans internationally. It conspires to have a fan base that is seen all over the world. The series has gained enthusiastic approval for its cast, atmosphere, soundtrack, directing, writing and homages to 1980s films.  The series has received multiple awards and nominations.

Stranger things S01:

The first season of the American science fiction-horror web series known as stranger things premiered worldwide exclusively via Netflix streaming service on July 15, 2016. 

 The first season includes, In November 1983 in Hawkins, Indiana, a scientist is attacked by a surreal creature at a U.S. laboratory. A 12-year-old boy  Will Byers mysteriously vanishes while cycling home from a game session with his friends Mike Wheeler, Dustin Henderson, and Lucas Sinclair. After that Barbara a friend of Nancy wheeler encounters the creature and gets vanished. 

Later comes to a psychic named Eleven who ran from a laboratory with unimaginable powers and met friends of will and helped his friends, mother of will and a sheriff of Hawkins to find the will and they get introduced to another world called as up-side-down and the creature was named as Demogorgon. At the end with the help of Eleven they close the door to the upside-down.

Stranger things S02: 

The second season of the American science fiction-horror web series known as  Stranger Things premiered worldwide exclusively via Netflix streaming service on October 27, 2017. 

The second season includes, El is hiding from the government and ends up living with Hopper-the sheriff. Hopper became very anxious about eleven and later she had to run from his house. Later, she found her biological mother and came to know that there were more children like her in the laboratory and went to them. She mastered her skills there for some time but everyone was obsessed with taking revenge from the workers of the U.S. laboratory. She comes back and meets Mike and lets him know where she was and what she was doing. After knowing all this mike was mad at hopper because he never told him that El was alive.

Now, the story gets horrible, Will is possessed by a mind flayer which was precautioned to heat. Whenever something used to happen,  will Byers used to get the temptation and presence of Mind- flayer Later on when everyone gets to know about Will’s possession they find a way to get away from him. Later on, they find a way to cure will and end up saving will.

Stranger things S03:

The third season of the American science fiction-horror web series known as stranger things premiered worldwide exclusively via Netflix streaming service on July 04, 2019. 

The third season includes, Now, the story continues with season 01 as Dustin finds a dart outside his house in the dustbin and keeps it as a pet and later finds that the dart ate the cat of his mother. Actually, the dart was a baby Demogorgon and Dustin didn’t know.  This time Demogorgons were in plenty. 

 In this season two people are introduced as Max and Suzie. Max was a schoolie and Suzie was Dustin’s friend whom he met when he was on a vacation. It was hard this time to control the monster because of its strength. The door between Hawkins and upside down was opened by the U.S. laboratory again, they were testing some new measures in the upside-down and was closed by Hopper and Will’s mother with the help of a key in which at the end Hopper vanishes and everyone thinks that Hopper was dead. Later Eleven finds a letter written by Hopper to her and it becomes emotional there.

 Finally, Will’s family leaves Hawkins with Eleven.

Stranger things S04:

Season four is yet to be released but the cast has released the trailer and the premiere date is still a suspense. But everyone is supposing that this season will be a hit as well like other seasons and stranger things fans won’t get disappointed.

The story of season 04 is a bit cleared from the trailer. It was shot in Russia. In which Hopper is back and seen in Russia. In the last season, eleven lose all her powers and now its a suspense whether she gets her powers back or not. If yes then how?

This season is giving butterflies because many things are yet to be cleared and open.


The story is a bit horrible but worth watching. It is a mix of emotional drama, thrill, romance and contains every good element which a series should have in order to be a hit.  The story nourishes the bond of every relationship and shows the root of proper determinant in a relation. Stranger Things has been one of the web series on the television which has almost no hater because of its story. The series is shown the best in each way.

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