6 Considerations to Make Before Choosing a New Shower

For the sake of your morning experience and look of your bathroom, it is essential to plan a lasting and reliable electric shower installation. The following factors will help you get it right when considering anew shower.

  1. Who will be using the shower?

Who are you planning to install the showerfor? Is it for your younger kids or master bedroom? How luxurious the bathroom will look is dependent on who will be using the place. So, before you choose your shower type, consider the practicalities and cost of maintenance.

If you are planning the bathroom for a home with many people, opt for options with more extensive storage. This will help you have enough room to store the toiletries for every occupant of the house. In your shower cubicle, try to use built-in recessed shelving so that you will have more room for things without clustering this bathroom. This is the only way this kind of bath and shower will not look clustered

  • What is the amount of pressure in your bathroom?

Your shower will be more fun if your water pressure is high. With low water pressure, your water will be some dribbles and not the spa you desire.

Before you make your choice of the shower to use, talk to your plumber. He will tell you if you need to install a shower pump, change your boiler so that it can meet up with the demands or install an unvented hot water system. These solutions can be expensive and will demand an additional power supply. So, before choosing, consider your options very well.

  • How spacious is your bathroom?

To avoid the claustrophobicfeeling while in the shower, ensure you maximise the shower space. Choose a quadrant shaped shower enclosure if you will be installing it in a corner. It will make your bathroom not look so boxy.

If your bathroom is relatively small, you can create the feeling of having enough space by removing your shower enclosures. You can then convert your shower into a spa when you install a wet room or shower tray

  • What shower experience do you want?

You may want a rainfall flow like many people do, but if you need something to drive out the sleep from your eyes in the morning, you should go for the power shower. There are showerheads to fit your choice.

Before your shower installation, consider the duration you plan to live in the property. If you are soon moving, try the simple and neutral one. If you will stay there for long, go ahead and install according to your taste. Aluxurious and unique bathroom is not too much for you.

  • Can the shower area be easily cleaned?

If the shower will be used many times a day, ensure you choose an easy to clean one. A handheld showerhead is easier to clean. It is also a better option for washing children.

If you do not have so much cleaning time, choose practical tiles to textured tiles. Textured tiles need more commitment to preventing the build-up of lime-scale. Large tiles with minimum grouting will do you any good. They are easy to clean. If you want something you can maintain, porcelain is the one for you.

Also, enquire from your shower manufacturer what you need to do to keep your shower screen looking as good as new. Some just need water, while others may be protected.

  • How does the shower fit in with the rest of the bathroom?

There are other factors to make your shower experience more delightful apart from the shower itself. They include the plumbing and layout.

If you have underfloor heating, then you have a significant advantage even when your space is small. It will help you dry the water quickly and warm up the tiles during the winter. You can obtain expert information about underfloor heating and service from our emergency electrician in London.

If the wet floor or walk on the shower is what you want, endeavour to keep your towels close, but not close enough for it to be wetted by water.

Also, consider the distance of your toilet seat. You may not want your toilet seat to become wet from the shower sprays. For more information about your shower installation, call 020 71834006 now.

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